Warning Signs of Poor Blood Circulation That Often Go Ignored

Warning Signs of Poor Blood Circulation That Often Go Ignored

Warning Signs of Poor Blood Circulation

Hello everyone…! Today I am going to talk to you about the warning signs of poor blood circulation that are often overlooked.
Our blood is like water in the rivers of our bodies. That’s why our immune system pumps out energy, healthy and heart. It literally gives us life. Without it, we would not be alive.

As with any river, when the water level is low, parts of the river die, or life in them flourishes. You can easily apply this concept to our body. Without adequate blood circulation, our small capillaries and veins do not get enough blood. As a consequence, the surrounding cells lack the necessary nutrients and oxygen. Poor blood circulation can do a lot of damage to our body and you have a good chance of it.

1. Numbness in the Limbs.

We all have felt this sensation before when a part of our body “falls asleep” due to the slowing of blood flow. If these episodes of numbness occur more frequently, it may indicate a more serious circulatory problem.

2. Slow Healing Time.

If you have poor blood circulation, your body will not be able to cure any form of physical harm. Think of blood as building blocks of wound repair – if your blood flow is poor, healing processes can slow down dramatically.

3. Dry Skin.

When your blood circulation stops, your skin automatically suffers. Dryness of the skin, lack of elasticity, and deep wrinkles are some of the visible signs.

4. Varicose Veins.

By circulating poorly, the veins beneath the skin surface of your legs become swollen, distorted, and very visible. These lines are also known as varicose veins and can be dirty and can be itchy or painful.

5. Reduced Cognitive Ability.

To function properly, your brain needs a healthy blood supply. When someone suffers from poor blood circulation, their mental ability also slows down. If you find it difficult to think clearly or your memory is not as good as before, this could be a sign that you have poor circulation.

6. Loss of Appetite.

Although this symptom may not be so obvious, it is still something that needs attention. Your stomach needs blood to digest food and transport nutrients from the intestine to the rest of the body. If you have poor blood circulation, your digestion can be easily impaired.

7. Cold Extremities.

If you have poor blood circulation, you can rest assured that the extremes of your body will suffer first. If your hands, feet, ears, and nose are constantly cold throughout the day, you are often suffering from blood flow.

8. Constant Sleepiness.

Reducing blood flow to the brain will make you tired and fatigued – even if you sleep for 10 hours straight. After a little activity, you will easily feel fatigued. Physical exercise drains muscle energy quickly, and when the circulation is weak, it is difficult for the body to replenish them.

9. Weakened Immune System.

The circulatory system is directly responsible for maintaining a healthy immune system. If your circulation is not good, and your body has a healthy, active circulation system, your body may not be able to provide enough vitamins and minerals to fight infection.


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