Signs Of Bed Bugs In Your House and Home remedies to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Signs Of Bed Bugs In Your House and Home remedies to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Who is BED BUGS…?

Today I am talking with you about bed bugs and warning sign of bed bugs and how to remove or control bed bugs. Ok  let’s  read how to do this.

Bed bugs are small – around 5mm in size – so they are visible to the human eye, but only just. They’re oval-shape, flat and rusty-brown in colour. Unlike other bugs, they cannot jump nor fly.They crawl out of their dark crevices at night to feed on blood which results in those infamous bed bug bites. Although they will not  spread any disease, they can be uncomfortable and some people will experience a reaction to bites.

Females can lay up to 250 eggs during their lifetime of about two to four months. Eggs are laid in cracks and crevices and are oval and white in colour.

What causes bed bugs…?

Contrary to popular belief, bedding has nothing to do with dirt, so avoid extra baths every day!
Bedding is fed with blood, and with animals or people anywhere, technically, they are the ideal place to set up camp. After feeding on the bedding, you can move from place to place and hide anything from bedding to your t-shirt.

Signs of bed bugs

Itchy bumps develop from bed bug bites :


This is not always the first sign you see, but it is a very clear warning sign for bed bugs in your home. The bed bugs sucks blood and when it is done to men, it leaves marks of itching, redness, bumps.

Unfortunately, these bites may take a while to develop, because when bed bugs people are fed, they inject an anesthetic, which reduces their nutrition-related pain. People can react differently. Occasionally, people have dramatic itching and red bumps all over their body, while others do not respond to bites.

Blood stains from bug chomps and bite wounds :

Blood stains on your bedding, bed and pillows can be another great warning sign for your home bedding. Because they are feeding blood, biting or burning bugs may fall on your bed during the process of feeding some blood.

In addition to blood stains :

bed bug can sometimes last for weeks and months without a blood meal, but they are often contaminate during meals and can cause stains on your furniture and bedding. Because their diet consists of blood, their urine and stools are reddish-brown.

Bed bug usually come out at night and then when they are not fed, they hide in cracks and cracks around the beds and furniture. These beds and stitches, cracks and cracks in your bed and furniture are the first place you should look for stains from bedding. Don’t forget to check in too.

Eggs, egg shells, and skin casings

Bed bugs also goes through various stages of development throughout their lives. This can be change 5 times after a blood meal.

The bed bugs goes through their next developmental stage (known as the instar), their skin is poured and the helmets are left. You will need to find these foundry skins in various areas around your bedding, as well as near the urine and blood stains.

A Funky smell :

This smell is another warning sign of bed bugs in your home
The last warning sign of bed bugs in your home is that you start to smell them. Imagine you put an old wet sweat towel in your bedroom, it smells like you have a bed bug infection.

Note :

  • Pay attention and be on the look out for these top warning signs for bed bugs to keep them out of your home and to get rid of them quickly before it’s too late. Bed bugs are extremely hardy and many over-the-counter pest control products have little to no effect.




Starve the bed bugs :

If you don’t mind taking the slow and steady route, starving your bed bugs is another option.First and foremost, it’s important to vacuum your bed thoroughly. Next, you’ll need to get hold of some Ziploc bags for your mattress and leave them on for around a week this will prevent any bugs from getting out and feeding, Thus they die of hunger.

Diatomaceous Earth :

Diatomaceous earth is often considered the most effective of all natural bed bug treatments, and over 90% of bed bugs dies. It is cheap and easy to use – its powder form means that it can spray even the smallest cracks and cracks. The disadvantage? It takes 10 days to work. To use, apply 100% diatomaceous earth to the affected area and leave it for several days. The dead bed bugs you need to start slowly, you can vacuum. Repeat the process several times until all bed bugs have disappeared.

 Bicarbonate of soda :

Here’s another reason why it is always easier to have a baking soda in the house, it can ruin the bed bugs. Sprinkling bicarbonate of soda onto areas affect by bed bugs is thought to physically dehydrate their skin, whilst others suggest it’s abrasive enough to cut them. It’s cheap, it works, so what’s the downside? Treating bed bugs with baking soda is timely – you’ll need to repeat the process of sprinkling and vacuuming regularly in order to banish them. This in turn, means you’re going to need a lot of powder, making this home remedy more expensive that it may originally seem.





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